The push to get rid of Daylight Saving Time continues. Let's face it. We just don't like the way it makes us feel! The good news is you're not alone. A new study by the CDC found that the majority of us don't like the time change. Here are some ways that Daylight Savings is making your job harder today!

  • The number one complaint is that it makes it seem as if the day is going by slower.
  • Feeling tired makes you less motivated.
  • It makes you less productive.
  • You have a harder time remembering things.
  • It takes longer to complete tasks.
  • You get irritated by your co-workers easier.
  • You make more mistakes.
  • It makes you resent your job.

The switch to Daylight Saving Time can be especially tough on kids. Fortunately for mine, they're on spring break this week, so they won't miss that hour they lost when they're sleeping in late!



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