But he would like a vacation!

Over 1,000 dads were asked what they want and DON'T want for Father's Day this year, and some of the answers are pretty predictable. If you're looking for some gift ideas for this weekend, here are the top things dads want:

  1. Getaways - 32%
  2. To watch live sports - 31%
  3. Power tools - 28%
  4. New tablets - 28%
  5. Watches - 26%

Another 25% of the dads surveyed said they’d enjoy the gift of beer for Father’s Day, and another 21% said they could use some barbecue gear.

On the OTHER HAND, fathers said that a gym membership is the worst gift you can get him, followed by underwear/socks, and ties.

Additionally, 60% of dads hope to spend the holiday on Sunday with their family (the other 40% are hopefully on that vacation you got them).

What's the best/worst Father's Day gift you've ever received? Share it with us in the comments!

[Via News OK]