We learned recently that an area burger was picked as the "best in Iowa", and I'd certainly encourage anyone to try a local eatey, especially when it's an award winning local eatery.

Still sometimes you do want that fast food option too. When that's the case, I've never been a fan of going for the "skinny" or light options if I'm getting fast food.

Uh uh, gimme the grease, the calories, and the mouthwatering, juicy meats! I don't much care about nutrition if I've made an effort to eat at one of the quick service options.

One of my favorite options, when I'm in such a mood, is midwestern staple Culver's. Despite having locations all over the United States, any good midwestern soul knows they're a Wisconsin-based company.

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If you've been a Culver's fan for any length of time, you're likely familiar with the Wisconsin Big Cheese Pub Burger. If you were a fan of the juicy menu option when it debuted originally back in 2017, you'll be happy to hear that the Wisconsin Big Cheese Pub Burge is BACK!

Now if you're not familiar, or you've forgotten what the pub-style option is all about, check out the video Culver's used to unveil the burger back in '17:

Sporting three different cheeses, two patties, a special sauce and that cheddar bun. It does beg the question, why'd this puppy ever vanish in the first place? It did rack on some good reviews from foodies...

And at least one not-so-great review... ah well.

So will you go check out the returning Wisconsin Big Cheese Pub Burger this summer? Seems like it could be worthwhile if you're curious since it disappeared once from the menu, and could very well vanish once again.

There are several Culver's locations throughout eastern Iowa.

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