A new video show just how much danger the man stuck in a crane 375-feet above the ground was in as a tornado ripped through Nashville on Tuesday morning (March 3).

Video taken by crane operator Jason Nash from inside the crane is shaky and at times hard to comprehend until the end, when he swings his camera back to the area touched by the storm to show that it's a blackout.

The twister roared — by his estimation — five blocks from where he was atop a crane in downtown Nashville:

A different angle shows it better. News 9 in Oklahoma City, Okla., found footage from a camera that was pointed at the crane at the time of the storm. You can see the crane that Nash is in as the storm is passing by him.

Their analysis also shows the storm and the tornado passing. Lights flashing may be lightning, or may be electrical boxes popping as they're destroyed. Two pictures below show the tornado and where Nash was, but News 9 Chief Meteorologist David Payne's full explanation is worth watching.

crane pic1
crane pic 2

The incident spotlights not just the strength of the storm, but how quickly it came upon the city. Getting out of a crane like that takes some time, and judging from Nash's response, he wasn't up there to witness it voluntarily. At the end of the video, he remarks on how caught off guard he was.

"There was no storm, there was no nothing," he declares as tornado sirens are going off in the background. Additional video shared on Facebook by Kenneth Dockery shows that Nash's crane was not the only one operating at the time:

In total, 25 people were killed when tornadoes dropped down in west Nashville before ripping through Germantown and then East Nashville. From there, the storm moved east to Mt. Juliet and Putnam County. The majority of the deaths (18, including five children) were in Putnam County. Nearly 100 were injured there, as well, and three people are still missing.

Relief efforts to help those displaced are ongoing.

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