A devastating tornado destroyed much of Nashville on Tuesday morning (March 3), including a heartbreaking loss for Lady Antebellum's Hillary Scott. The school where she spent her middle and high school years, Donelson Christian Academy, was felled by the natural disaster.


Scott took to her Instagram stories to express her feelings about the school's destruction, which took place in the early morning hours before children were expected to arrive to their classes.

"So happy this wasn't during school hours," she noted, but also put out a heartfelt plea: "Praying for our city. I can't believe the devastation and I am continuing to pray for those affected. The school I spent 5th grade through graduation is destroyed. People's homes are gone. Lives lost. Please pray for Nashville."

Scott had good reason to call for prayers. A reporter for Nashville's WSMV-TV shared shocking photos of the school's devastation and noted, "Thank goodness students weren't inside."

Scott didn't address if her own home was affected, but a number of country musicians have posted about the Nashville-area disaster, including Maren MorrisAbby AndersonCassadee Pope and others who have posted to social media to share how their areas were impacted. Dierks Bentley shared that he flew right around the storm cell that caused the tornado on his way back to Music City, and the airport he landed at was badly damaged just hours later.

The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee has activated the Middle Tennessee Emergency Response Fund for those who wish to donate money toward recovery efforts. The death toll for the tornado stands at at least 22 to date, and President Donald Trump is scheduled to visit the city on Friday (March 6) to assess the damage.

See the Damage From the 2020 Nashville Tornado

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