According to the Cedar Rapids Gazette, "A Cedar Rapids man is accused of robbery after police say he attacked another man with a pool cue and stole his possessions."

The incident happened at a residence in the 4500 block of Fairlane Drive NE on December 30. The suspect is 33-year-old Matthew D. Ammeter. He is accused of attacking 38-year-old Cory Redding.

Police say Ammeter hit Redding several times with a pool cue and his hands. After that, he took about $250 in cash from Redding and also left with his debit card and cell phone. No word on Redding's condition after the altercation but we are all are hoping for a speedy recovery.

Ammeter was taken into custody and is now facing a charge of first-degree robbery.

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[Source: CR Gazette]

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