If the American Pickers were to come visiting the Cedar Rapids area they would find a treasure trove of goodies right here in their own home state.

The guys would likely spend a good chunk of time in Czech Village searching through the neighborhood's many antique and consignment shops.

They may swing into every quarter of the city's neighborhoods. They'll find plenty to explore before heading back home to LeClaire.

Here are a few places they should definitely check out.

Five Iowa Collectables That American Pickers Would Love to Find

Czech Village Antiques  Czech Village is the largest Antique Mall in the Cedar Rapids area. Located at 82 16th Avenue, it features a full line of Czech and American antiques and collectibles.

White Lion Treasures 226 5th Avenue SW is where you find vintage, collectibles, recycled furniture and other crafts, handmade items, and home decor. White Lion Treasures is also a consignment store.

Little House Artifacts is described as an architectural salvage and upcycle store, located in the New Bo District. The Little House Artifacts website is chocked filled with cool and unique items.

Antiques of Marion is located at 1150 7th Avenue in uptown Marion. It's been open for 20 years, specializing in high-quality mission oak and turn-of-the-century furniture. They have a large selection of toys, pottery, sporting collectibles, artwork, and other antiques.

Cedar Rapids Antiques Mall  This place has four antique stores in one place: CRAP YOU MAY NEED,  RUSTY NUTS (and bolts),  THE PROSPECTOR, and HIDDEN TREASURES. On the weekends spring thru fall, it's where you'll also find The Cedar Rapids Flea Market at 167 Jacolyn Drive NW.

Lest we forget eBay! Here are a few original Cedar Rapids Baseball Cards of some pretty big Major League names including Mike Trout. Nothing says nostalgia like baseball cards and fans still will pay good money for their heroes' rookie minor league cards before they hit the big time.

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