Animal organizations and city leaders in Cedar Rapids are working to put a stop to purchasing dogs from puppy mills.

Last Hope Animal Rescue is a group we work with regularly for our Furry Friday segment that features area dogs for adoption. They care for hundreds of dogs that have been given up by their owners, were abused, neglected, or even discarded from local puppy mills. It's a heartbreaking thing to see, but this group does an amazing job getting those animals loving homes. Now, they're involved in doing something to stop the puppy mill situation.

CBS2/FOX28 reports that "city leaders are drafting an ordinance to ban the retail sale of dogs from large-scale commercial breeder operations, commonly know as 'puppy mills'." This new ordinance was sparked by "media attention on animal abuse cases and residents' concerns over the sale of "puppy mill" dogs in their community."

The city is working with the Humane Society of the United States Iowa State Director to come up with something that will work for Cedar Rapids. The ordinance is still in the draft stages, so the city can't provide any details at this time, but the new rule is said to "only impact pet stores and large-scale commercial breeders raising dogs in inhumane conditions."

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