Their howls are one of the most terrifying things you'll ever hear, but this time of year coyotes require extra attention for pet owners.

A video has surfaced of a coyote attacking a 14-pound dog in an Illinois town. Thankfully, the dog only suffered injuries that it's likely to fully recover from. You can see just how quickly an attack can happen in this video.

According to WQAD, winter is the time we especially need to watch out for our pets as the younger coyotes are staking their territories and looking for mates.

We all know there are tons of coyotes in Iowa. As a matter of fact, the Iowa DNR believes the numbers of coyotes in the state are likely at levels never seen before, even though they're believed to have been in the state for millions of years.

Please keep an eye on your dog(s) or other small pets when they're outside. Their life could depend on it.

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