Happy National Mac & Cheese Day!

Today is one of my favorite food holidays, because it's all about one of my favorite go-to comfort foods. You can probably figure this out just by looking at me, but mac and cheese is a staple of my diet.

When it comes to mac & cheese, I'm not too picky. I'll eat it from a box, I'll eat the frozen kind, I'll eat it baked, I'll eat it deep-fried... anyway you want to serve it is fine with me! I do have my favorites, though, especially here in Eastern Iowa.

In honor of today's holiday, I put together a list of my top five favorite restaurants to order mac & cheese here in the Corridor. The list is in no particular order, except for number one. That actually is my number one favorite! Without further ado, here are my picks:

Now it's your turn! Who do you think serves the best mac & cheese in Eastern Iowa? Let us know in the comments below! Here are some of the comments we got on Facebook:

  • Greg Yokanovich - "Vivian's Soul Food. Full stop."
  • Joe Miller - "Lucky's on 16th"
  • Bethany Harms - "Big Grove and Wig & Pen, hands down!"
  • Angie Martin-Conrad - "West End Diner in Marion has delicious mac n cheese!"
  • Dana Coppes Johnson - "You have to try Nelson’s Meat Market’s Mac & Cheese! It is definitely my family’s favorite."
  • Terry Goedken - "Blackstone"
  • Sharon Abbott - "Sugah Peach"

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