It finally happened. This weekend, after MONTHS of talking about it, I finally made it out to Bluff Lake Catfish Farm in Maquoketa. If you remember, earlier this year Bluff Lake Catfish Farm won our 2017 Favorite Local Restaurant bracket. They even have the plaque on their wall to prove it!


We went to the restaurant yesterday, because on Sundays they have all you can eat fried chicken and shrimp, and that was NOT something I wanted to pass up. After over an hour on the road, we were STARVING. We ordered the chicken, shrimp, coleslaw, and fries, and it was only $13.99! How insane is that! Take a look at this goodness:

The shrimp were my absolute favorite. Truly the best I've ever had. It was hard to limit myself, but I think I did a pretty good job.

Can we also talk about the location? HOW BEAUTIFUL. We went and walked around the lake for a little bit after we ate so we could take some photos. There were also lots of kitties to pet, which turned out to be a mistake for me later when my allergies flared up. I have no regrets.


I can't wait to go back and try Bluff Lake in the summertime, but in the mean time, I still have one more month to go eat somewhere new! I'm definitely going to be trying Zoey's in Marion in December, but maybe I'll try to squeeze in another restaurant before then (Starlite?). Have any suggestions? Leave one in the comments!