Not one, but TWO artists were cut last night, leaving Adam with only one team member left!

I'm not proud of it, but I'm also not ashamed to admit that I cried during Monday night's episode of 'The Voice.' It was impossible not to! First of all, it was a special Mother's Day episode, so all the contestants brought their moms onto the show. Secondly, Aliyah sang a ballad dedicated to her deceased dad that was so touching that not even SHE could stop herself from crying! How the heck was I supposed to keep it together after that?

Overall, this week's episode didn't blow me away. There were a few really impressive performances, but I found myself a little bored with most of the song choices. Now that we are down to the top 8 (Lilli Passero and Mark Isaiah were both sent packing), I'm hoping the coaches will step things up a notch. I was very excited about this week's results show, though! My girl Maren Morris opened things up with her latest single (and one of my favorite songs EVER) "I Could Use a Love Song," and Charlie Puth sang his super catchy new song "Attention." Here are some of my favorite moments from the week:

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