The teams are all finalized as we get set to roll into the live playoffs next week!

Monday night, NBC's 'The Voice' wrapped up their knockout rounds, which means each team now has five members and the live playoffs are all set to go! This week, the only coach who still had a steal left was Alicia Keys, so we of COURSE had to wait until the very end of Monday's 2-hour-episode to find out who it would be. The final steal ended up being Stephanie Rice, who sang a haunting version of Taylor Swift's "Safe and Sound." She was up against Troy Ramey, who really brought his A game this week. His performance of Sia's "Chandelier" was easily one of the best performances so far this season.

I'm really excited for the live rounds to finally start next week, because I finally have my list of favorite artists completed. It'll be interesting to see how well they do! In the mean time, here are my favorite performances from this week's episode:

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