Now we're getting to the good stuff!

The first couple rounds of battles took place on NBC's 'The Voice' this week, and they absolutely did not disappoint. First of all, the advisers this season are just plain awesome. On Team Blake you have country superstar Luke Bryan, on Team Alicia it's DJ Khaled, on Adam's team you have John Legend, and Team Gwen has the best one of them all... Celine Dion. If I walked into a room and Celine Dion was sitting there ready to coach me, I would probably cry for like 10 minutes, no joke.

Let's get to the performances! After the blind auditions ended, there weren't very many artists that stood out to me. Everybody was really good, but nobody really made a lasting impression on me. Now that we're two days into the Battles, things have changed. Some of my favorites right now are Mark Isaiah on Team Adam, Lauren Duski on Team Blake, and Anatalia Villaranda on Team Alicia. I also think that 15-year-old Brennley Brown, who was stolen by Team Gwen, could be a little force to be reckoned with! She reminds me a lot of a young Taylor Swift. Here are some of my favorite performances of the week:

Who are your favorite contestants so far this season? Share yours in the comments below!

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