As annoying as my dog is sometimes, I don't think I could live without him!

Back in March when I adopted Tater Tot from Last Hope Animal Rescue in Cedar Rapids, I had NO idea what I was in for. I knew the moment I met him that he was the perfect pup for me, but what I didn't know was how... "verbal" he is. That's the only word I can think to use to describe what you're about to witness!

I learned very quickly that Tater likes to bark, but he has a series of other much weirder noises, too. His yawns are my favorite. Tater is a little 19-pound Pug/Jack Russell mix, but when he opens his tiny mouth to yawn, what comes out sounds a whole lot like a scream. He's the loudest yawner I know!

Last night, I somehow managed to capture one of his other signature noises. When Tater hears other dogs in the neighborhood barking, he feels the need to bark back. I'll put up with a few barks, but after it goes on a little too long, I yell at him to stop. Sometimes he will... and then sometimes THIS happens:

Normally, the second I pull my phone out to record, he stops, but I guess he was feeling extra frustrated last night! As you can hear in the video, I think it's absolutely hilarious. I refer to the incidents as his "temper tantrums."

Do you have a pet that makes strange noises like Tater? Let me know in the comments below!

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