Halloween is less than two weeks away!

As you may know, I took a trip back home to Michigan to see my family this past weekend. On Saturday afternoon, I visited my "nephews" to celebrate the oldest one's belated birthday. He turned four back in September. Since he is a big fan of Halloween, we decided to take a 20-minute drive over to Romeo, Michigan to check out 'Terror on Tillson Street,' and it was freaking AWESOME.


According to the official website, 'Terror on Tillson Street' is run by "a dedicated group of homeowners that take Halloween to the next level, while providing a safe environment for children as well as an opportunity to give back to the community." Basically, it's a street where the majority of homeowners put up elaborate Halloween decorations, drawing thousands of visitors from all over Michigan and beyond. Families stop by all day and night throughout the month of October leading up to Halloween, and then on the 31st there is a massive trick-or-treating event. They actually shut down the street to traffic on Halloween because of the crowd. The website says that there were about 60,000 pieces of candy handed out last year!

We decided to visit Tillson Street during the day because we figured it would be less crowded, but also so we could see all the details that are easily missed at night. Here are some photos I took during our trip:

Courtlin Visits 'Terror on Tillson' in Michigan

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