Saturday is the big day! The Big Boy Toy Show is coming to The US Cell Center and I will be competing in the Wild Hogs Nacho Eating Competition!

Yesterday we decided to head over to Wild Hogs to check out the nachos that I have heard so much about, and to get a little practice in before the big contest. I have to say, I was thoroughly impressed. The nachos were just as delicious as they were HUGE!

I don't really have a plan of action, but I do have a few strategies. I plan to use sour cream to off-set the spiciness of the cheese, and I plan to go for the chips loaded up with lots of toppings first, to decrease the total weight of the food as quickly as possible. I also have this cool manuever where I can eat a whole chip in one bite, which will come in handy.

Come watch me in action this Saturday afternoon at 1!