For some reason, these past few weeks I've had an ongoing issue with fruit flies. Now, I've had them show up in my apartment in the past, but never like this. It seems like there's a lot more of them all of a sudden, plus they're not just popping up in my kitchen, they've also been flying around my bathroom. What the heck is going on?!

I've tried to be good and follow all the rules on how to not attract them, but nothing seems to be working. I've made sure to not keep dirty dishes in the sink, and I did a kitchen deep clean this weekend, thinking that would help, but NOPE. I do currently have two bananas in my kitchen, but the little buggers were popping up long before I brought those into my home. And besides, what am I supposed to do, just never eat fruit again?!

I read about a trick online that seemed to work pretty well for me in the past. You put some juice or fruit in a cup, place plastic wrap over the top, then poke a few tiny holes in the plastic wrap. The idea is that the flies will find their way in, but not be able to find the way out. Unfortunately, even THAT isn't working this time around. I had like five in there last night and this morning all but ONE somehow managed to escape. These things are like tiny, evil magicians!

If you have a foolproof way to get rid of fruit flies, I would love to hear your plan of attack! Share yours with me in the comments!

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