My favorite food holiday is finally here!

According to a bunch of people on the internet, Saturday, November 6th is also known as National Nachos Day. It's a day to celebrate the greatest food of all time!

Apparently, my love of nachos began in the womb. My mom says that all of her cravings when she was pregnant with me were salty foods, like chips and French fries, and Mexican food. They were drastically different when she was pregnant with my brother a couple of years later. With him she craved sweets, like donuts and candy. Those cravings have carried over to both of us in our adult lives.

I don't know what it is about nachos that make me love them so much, but it probably has a lot to do with hot cheese. Because my obsession with them is so well-known, I often get asked which local restaurants serve my favorite. In my humble opinion, here are ten of the best places to order nachos here in Eastern Iowa (in alphabetical order):

Want a look at the nachos from all of these places? Good news! I have PLENTY of photos. Check them out below:

Courtlin's Favorite Nachos in Eastern Iowa

I'm celebrating National Nacho Day by sharing some of the best nachos I've had here in Eastern Iowa! WARNING: These photos WILL make you hungry!

Courtlin Celebrates One Year With Tater

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