Being single really isn't as awful a lot of people think it is.

In today's society, sometimes it feels like there's this huge focus on finding love. As a single person, that can definitely get a little frustrating.

Match did a survey of over 5,500 singles in America in 2016, and it revealed a few interesting statistics. Let's start with the things that singles are sick of hearing. According to the survey, 37% say they hate hearing, "you've got to put yourself out there," 36% say they don't like, "don't be so picky," and 32% are tired of, "it will happen when you least expect it." In fact, 65% of singles don't find any dating advice useful! Although I agree with all of these, my biggest pet peeve is when people say, "don't worry, you'll find someone someday!"

Now, I absolutely know that these phrases are meant to be comforting and are said out of kindness, but sometimes I can't help but feel like it's a bit degrading. It's almost as if people are saying, "aw, you poor little single thing! Someday somebody will love you and you can join the rest of us in being happy!" People act like being single is some sort of illness that needs to be cured. Like a person can never be truly happy until they're married. I just want to clear things up a little bit...

Yes, I am a single 25-year-old woman. But no, I'm not crumbling to pieces because I don't have a romantic relationship. This may come as a surprise to some, but I'm actually pretty darn happy with my life right now. Do I sometimes get a little lonely? Sure! Don't we all? But the occasional loneliness doesn't make me feel the need to run out and scoop up a man before they're "all taken." I'm not completely closed off to the idea of a relationship, and no, I don't think that all men are horrible creatures, but I'm just not in a rush. I've had some pretty bad experiences with past relationships (some of which were my own fault), and I want to take my time and prevent myself from repeating past mistakes (which is easier said than done!). These past four years of being single have been a massive learning experience for me, and I feel like I'm finally at a point where I really understand my wants, my needs, and all of the things I need to work on. Despite the pressure from my family, and the fact that almost all of my friends are in relationships, I'm not really worried about finding someone anymore. I know I'll be fine either way.

So to all the single people out there: you do you, boo boo! Whether you enjoy dating and want to go out and actively meet new people, or you just want to spend some time on your own, don't let anybody tell you what you should or shouldn't be doing/feeling. It's your life, so live it how you want.

And to those of you in great relationships: that's amazing and I am sincerely so happy for you! I hope you have the greatest Valentine's Day with your significant other (if you choose to celebrate the holiday). :)

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