In my ENTIRE driving career I have never once been pulled over or ticketed for speeding... until now! Thanks traffic cameras!

I was a bad girl. A traffic camera caught me going 73 in a 55 on I-380.

I was very shocked and disappointed to receive a citation in the mail last week with my name on it. I've always been a careful driver! Especially when I'm driving past the cameras (I think everyone knows EXACTLY where they are!). I guess somehow my common sense slipped away from me for a moment. A very big part of me thinks I might have just passed a semi, which is why I was driving so fast, but I really have no way to prove that, so I'm just gonna suck it up and pay the $75. It's KILLING me that I got my first ticket/citation. Now I'm super paranoid everytime I'm about to pass a camera. But I guess that's why they're there...

How many people out there are in the I-380 citation club with me?!

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