Last week I was treated very rudely by the owner of a company over the phone, and I was rendered SPEECHLESS (which never happens).

As you probably already know, I went back to Michigan last week for my friend's wedding. Not only was I a bridesmaid, but I also sang a song during the ceremony. I wasn't exactly up-to-speed on the whole sound equipment situation, since I live about 8 hours away and I hadn't been there to prepare. Naturally, I was a bit nervous about singing, especially because I had been practicing with a specific karaoke version of the song and I didn't know which version the person running the sound equipment had on file for me. A few hours before the wedding, my friend had me call the company to see if they could play me a bit of the song and make sure it was the right version. APPARENTLY, this was too  much to ask.

When I called the company, I asked for the woman I was told to ask for, and a flustered man told me she was busy but he might be able to help me out. I briefly explained the situation and politely told him I just wanted to make sure the woman had the correct version, and the man replied with, "UGHHHHH I HATE people like you." Um... excuse me? I was totally SPEECHLESS. He then asked why I would wait until the day of the wedding to ask about it, and continued to huff and puff and make me feel like a total IDIOT. I got really upset and just hung up the phone because I had no idea how to react. I worked customer service for YEARS and NEVER in my life have I ever talked to a customer like that! I would've been fired! Even if the customer is being rude (which I wasn't at all) or you think the question is stupid, you STILL have to be nice to them! It's part of working with the public! The fact that somebody who runs a company behaves like that just blows me away. Just writing about it is making me angry all over again.

Have you ever had a bad customer service experience? Without using specific company names, leave your story below.