I think I might deserve an award.

Yesterday was payday, so last night I decided to run some necessary errands. The first place I stopped is possibly one of the most dangerous stores in the world: Target. As many of you probably know, going to Target, especially on payday, is a very risky endeavor. I typically try to avoid the store unless there are things that I absolutely need to get there, because somehow I always black out and end up spending 3x the amount that I originally planned. One time I went in for toilet paper. JUST toilet paper. I spent $55, and guess what I DIDN'T buy? The freakin' toilet paper.

So last night, I wandered into Target with my list of only two items. I meandered around the store, stopping to look at the new summer patio furniture (there's a poof for my balcony that I absolutely MUST have), the clothes, the clearance items, and the Dollar Spot. For a few minutes, I forgot that there were actually items I went in there to get, so I refocused and went back to my mission. Unfortunately, both the items I was looking for were out of stock. This is where things get interesting. Do you know what I did when I discovered that the items I was looking for were out of stock? I left. The store.

That's right; last night I walked out of Target, ON PAYDAY, without purchasing a single item. Not. One. Thing.

In my adult life, I have never done this. Never. As I got into my car and drove away, I almost shed a tear of pride. I finally did it. I maintained self control while shopping at Target. It IS possible.

Do you have a store that you have absolutely no self control in? Share your weakness in the comments!

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