As you've probably heard by now, I got engaged last August. It literally feels like just the other day my fiance, Josh, was on one knee and now we're less than six months from our wedding! Time sure does fly. The planning process has gone relatively smoothly thus far, and we only have a few big things left to figure out.


One of the things that Josh suggested that we do (and that I absolutely LOVED the idea of) was to take dance lessons! We are three classes in to our month-long wedding couples dancing course and it's been a blast. The local studio that we go to has some amazing instructors and what's even more fun is that it's a group class, so there's plenty of people that have no idea what their doing. Things were a little awkward at first because the couples stand in a circle to dance and then the ladies go around the circle until we get back to our partner. This makes it so that you dance with everyone so you'll get used to dancing with different people. And probably so you'll loosen up a bit.  I showed Brain and Courtlin some of my new moves in the studio. Check it out below!

Overall, it's been a little easier for me since I took dance growing up and some in college, but let me tell you...I'm a little rusty. Josh started off shall I say "clunky", but he's actually quite the dancer. I'm impressed! We've learned so much in such a short time frame, I can't wait to see where we are at by the wedding. It's truly been such a great experience. I highly recommend couples that are getting married or couples that just want a hobby or to have some fun to check out couples dancing. There are a lot of different types of classes that you can take and I'm telling you ANY of them will be worth it!

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