If I had to list the biggest complaint that casual country fans levee against the format, it's that today's country music doesn't sound 'country' enough. Now sometimes, they have a point. I'll admit that at certain points during the past several years more traditional sounding country artists have been hard to come by. But the movement that officially began with Chris Stapleton exploding upon the scene has expanded. Traditional sounding country is back and the format is better for it!

To be honest with you, I really do love all kinds of music. I love all forms of country music too! The genre is big enough for there to be little pockets for artists to fit into. You like your country with a pop or rock flavor? No problem! And if you like some fiddle, steel guitar and twang in your country you're in luck too! I put together a playlist highlighting some of the great new and more traditional leaning country songs that have come out in the past several weeks or months.

It's full of artists that are channeling a simpler sound. Jon Pardi is really channeling that throwback Bakersfield sound. Midland sound, and looks, like something straight out of the '70s! And how about Luke Combs? Arguably the hottest act in country music right now sounds like he shot straight out of a time machine from the 1990s! So does Riley Green. And let's not forget the outstanding women of country music. They're back and they've got some things to say!. Miranda Lambert's new music sounds amazing, Maddie and Tae topped the iTunes charts with 'Die From a Broken Heart'. And The Highwomen are female country music supergroup! Tyler Childers, an artist many of you might not have heard of, topped the country album chart when his latest album came out. Even Taylor Swift's latest song with The Dixie Chicks is as country as anything on the radio right now.

Country music thrives when it doesn't sway too far in one direction. I feel like this correction is long overdue. So let's keep the fiddle and steel coming. Let's listen to and reward great songwriting. Country music is about storytelling, and this story is about to get really interesting!

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