After a complaint from a parent, a dinosaur cake is being pulled out of all Costco stores.

Jessica Eckerdt of Arizona bought a birthday cake from Costco for her 6-year-old son's birthday party. She apparently wasn't too happy with the design of the cake, because she says 3 of the dinosaur's legs look like the numbers "666." Eckerdt said, “I was extremely shocked and upset to see a demonic symbol written clear as day on my six-year-old son’s birthday cake. What was supposed to be a whimsical dinosaur became something very distasteful. I was extremely surprised at Costco for allowing such an inappropriate joke be sold to an unsuspecting victim.”

Personally, I think this a huge overreaction. Is there a CHANCE that the person in the bakery decided to put a "demonic symbol" on a child's cake as a joke? Ok, MAYBE, but I think that's a stretch. It looks to me like somebody was just doing their job and it turned out a little different from the original cake photo. I feel like people are becoming too sensitive to everything. If you are looking for the bad in something, you're sure to find it.

Anyways, Costco has pulled the cake from their online ordering systems, but they have not specified why. Hmm... I wonder...

What do you think? Does this woman have good reason to be angry? Or do you think she's being ridiculous? Leave your opinion below.

[Via Inquisitr]

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