What’s going on the Corridor lately? Crime…serious crime, and way too much of it. In the past ten days, we've heard about a child abduction, assaults, and at least two murders.

You must admit, there is some crazy stuff going on in our sleepy little towns:

And now, a news report of a home invasion in Iowa City. Cops are looking for the man they say broke into a home on Laura Drive around 3:15 early Wednesday morning.

The victim told police a tall man armed with a gun tried to force his way into the home. After a struggle, the victim was able to ward off the assailant and call police.

It truly feels like changing times in our safe and quiet communities, and they're not so safe and quiet anymore. I miss the days when we didn't worry so much for our safety while going out to events, movies, or even just shopping. But it appears the big city crime has come home to small towns all around Eastern Iowa.

[source: CBS2 News]

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