Growing up in rural Jones County, my morning bus commute to elementary school was a long one. After picking up all the other kids and then getting to school it took well over a half an hour. What's a kid supposed to do on a long bus ride like that? Look out the window? Talk to fellow classmates? The Dubuque Community School District recently equipped seven of their school busses with something that will help entertain kids on their long commutes. WiFi.

Two of the WiFi buses are the ones that travel the longest distance before and after school. A route like I used to ride when I was a kid. I can't imagine being able to pull out my phone, log onto the free WiFi and stream movies or music or play games. School officials concede that students are able to do those things, but they also say a student could read an article about an important subject, or complete a homework assignment before school. Yeah, I'm sure that's what they'll all be doing. Homework. The WiFi buses will also be used on long trips for sports teams.

The district says it will review the WiFi policy at the end of the year to see if it will be here to stay. Students say they hope it doesn't go away. I guess I don't see the harm in having WiFi on buses. I just wish they could have figured some of these improvements out a little sooner. Like say, 30 years ago.


[via KCRG]

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