We told you back in June that it was possible that some things may be changing regarding school bus seat belts. Now, that time has come.

The Iowa State Board of Education have adopted new rules requiring that all new buses bought by school districts and state-accredited nonpublic schools have lap-shoulder seat belts, according to KCCI reports.

Along with the seat belts, the report states that other safety equipment requirements include "one additional stop arm per bus, hand rails, exterior boarding lights and fire-resistant crash barriers between the front bus seats and the bus drivers." These additions would only apply to new buses that were manufactured on or after October 2, when the new rules are supposed to take effect. Districts with older buses would not have to update their current bus fleets.

The new rules are still subject to legislative review. Although, there's really no arguing with upping the safety of our school buses. Every parent wants their kids to arrive to and from school safely. What are your thoughts? Tell us in the comments.

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