It will bring new meaning to "social distancing" when a national chain of recreational axe-throwing franchises opens its first Iowa location in Cedar Rapids.

Looking for a new hobby or fun way to take out your frustrations? Civil Axe-Throwing is coming to the area. The name is also quite ironic.

It's a big thing down south, with their existing franchises currently being in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee. There's a lot to be stressed about right now, and if you can't relax, this could be the solution! Civil Axe-Throwing's website says "we offer an exciting, and unique activity that’s fun for serious competition or for a simple girls’ or guys’ night out".

Their Facebook page says they are expecting to open this Friday, May 15 and with Governor Kim Reynolds lifting all remaining business restrictions in Iowa they are allowed to do so, with social distancing guidelines in place. Booking of appointments is happening now. The Civil Axe-Throwing location in Cedar Rapids will be at 375 3rd St. SE. Right down the street from our radio station! This is perfect.

They have trained instructors they call "Axeperts" on-site to train you and safely guide you through the activities if you've never participated in recreational axe-throwing. But they do have a waiver for you to complete prior to participating. You must be 14 years of age and wear "closed-toed shoes".

Sign up for free admission by following the steps outlined in the Facebook post below.

The types of sessions they offer include One-Hour Throws and private groups of up to 21 people. How that's going to work with social distancing is unknown, so contact them at their website for more information.

Here's the real attraction: it's BYOB. What could go wrong?

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Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:

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