If you live in Cedar Rapids and you haven't cleared the sidewalk in front of your house since the most recent snowfall, city officials would like to pass along the following message. Clear them soon or face a possible fine.

The city of Cedar Rapids gives residents 48 hours to clear their sidewalks of all ice and snow following a storm, according to KCRG. Those who don't get things get cleared off risk getting a letter from the city warning them that if the snow isn't moved they'll send someone out to do it for you. And that comes with a price tag. Failing to clear the snow away after a warning letter is now a $300 fine. That is up $20 from last winter.

So far this winter, the city has sent out 136 warning letters to property owners telling them that snow needs to be cleared. That is usually because of a complaint from a neighbor. Despite the number of warnings, city officials say they have yet to issue any fines this winter.

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