Cedar Rapids city officials will recommend buying Cedar Lake for one dollar when the city council meets later today. Officials say that the body of water is environmentally sound for activities like kayaking and fishing and that they can see it becoming a recreational hub for the city.

The city has been leasing the lake from Alliant Energy for one dollar a year since 1982. Once the city takes ownership of the lake, it would become part of the city parks department and the city would then be responsible for maintenance. Long term improvements to address water quality and dredging the lake are anticipated. But no part of that plan involves any environmental cleanup.

Alliant officials say that the plan was always to have the city take over ownership of the lake. The transition would also allow the group ConnectCR to begin work on projects associated with the lake. As a public body of water, they can apply for state grants and other programs they wouldn't otherwise be eligible for.

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