Two former UNI football players who played last season for NFL teams have been arrested after a bar fight on The Hill in Cedar Falls. Police arrested Deiondre Hall and Makinton Dorleant around 1 a.m. outside Sharky's Funhouse. Hall plays for the Chicago Bears while Dorleant is a member of the Green Bay Packers.

According to police, Hall was in a large crowd fighting outside of Sharky's. Police removed Hall from the crowd, but he kept trying to get away, and spit in the face of police officers. After cuffing Hall, he refused to enter the police car. Officers tasered him to get him to comply. He faces charges of public intoxication, disorderly conduct, and interference with official acts.

Dorleant tried to grab Hall away from police as he was being arrested. He has been charged with interference with official acts.

Hall was a fourth-round draft pick last fall for the Bears. Dorleant was a free agent signing for the Packers.


[via KCRG]

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