Just a reminder, covering the county on your license plate is in violation of a specific law, and it could land you a ticket!

Two years ago yesterday, the Iowa Supreme Court made a ruling that allows police officers to legally stop any vehicle that has a frame covering the county name on the license plate. We still see tons of 'em every day, so let this serve as a warning! The law states that drivers must "permit full view of all numerals and letters" on a license plate, and that does, in fact, include the county.

According to KCCI, State Patrol spokesman Sgt. Scott Bright says, "Anything that is imprinted on a license plate needs to be visible to all law enforcement. So basically that means the numbers, the letters and the county that is displayed on that plate."

The ruling reads:

"For the thousands of Iowans who have a frame that promotes a sports team, or an auto dealer, or have a nice (or not so nice) slogan, beware! If the license plate frame happens to obscure the county name on the plate, the State will take the position that police may stop the vehicle anywhere and at any time, whether one is dropping the kids off at school, returning home from the football game, or on the way to work, without any further sign of criminal wrongdoing."

The reason for the ruling is so police officers and witnesses can easily ID vehicles.

For more details, click HERE.

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