Yep, his thirties are looking pretty darn good on Brett Eldredge, and he's not afraid to flaunt it. The social media-savvy singer is great about keeping fans up to date on his life and career through Instagram (and now Snapchat), so to celebrate his birth, we've collected the silliest and sexiest for your enjoyment!

Eldredge was born on March 23, 1986 in Paris, Ill., and we bet he's been wild and crazy since day one. After releasing "Raymond" in 2010, the country singer started a fire with his first No. 1 hit, "Don't Ya," in 2013, and since then things have been a breeze, as two more No. 1s have followed. Even though he's busy making hit singles, Eldredge has still got a little time to hang out shirtless at the beach, snuggle a few puppies and celebrate his main girl — his mama!

Brett Eldredge's Sexiest Insta Snaps:

Brett Eldredge Addresses His Shirtless Selfies

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