Chase Rice doesn't get starstruck too often, but when he does, it's a spiritual experience. The 'Ready Set Roll' singer sat down with Taste of Country to answer a few fun questions about his new album and the famous faces he'd freak out over.

Rice just released 'Ignite the Night,' and it's already getting tons of buzz with feel good hits like 'We Going Out' and 'Beach Town,' not to mention a few intimate ballads as well. In this exclusive interview with Taste of Country, he talks about those deeper songs and shares that there's only two people that would leave him truly starstruck.

"You know, if I see Garth, I'm still like, 'Oh my God, that's Garth Brooks!'" Rice says. "No matter how close I ever get with him -- hopefully we become best friends and do music together and tour together -- but no matter what, every time I see him he's like that one guy who's larger than life to me."

And the other "celebrity" that would stop the 'Gonna Wanna Tonight' singer in his tracks?

"I haven't met Jesus yet," he says with a grin. "He'd probably be one of them. I'd probably be pretty starstruck if I met Jesus. Like, 'Oh, this is the guy everyone's talking about!' So yeah, let's go with Jesus. He'd leave me pretty starstruck...yeah, I don't know if Jesus would drink Jack Daniels, but if he would, I'd definitely have a glass with him!"

As for his new record, Rice says that fans will learn a lot about him from 'Ignite the Night.' Not only do the upbeat, party songs solidify his personality as a fun-loving country rocker, there's a good sampling of personal songs on the album as well, giving fans a peek into a different, more personal side of the country singer.

"They're gonna also learn that there's another side to me," says Rice, revealing that some of his darkest days are poured out into personal songs on the record. "You know, they've got 'Jack Daniels and Jesus' which -- the piano version of that, it's just me and a piano and it's my life in a song."

Fans can see the deeper side of Rice for themselves by picking up 'Ignite the Night,' which dropped on Aug. 19. And they can get an even closer listen when Rice sets out on his Ignite the Night Tour, running from September through December.