Even though winter is still officially five weeks away, we've set a winter-like record in Cedar Rapids.

Five times. That's how many we've already seen measurable snowfall in eastern Iowa and it's November 14. I literally have to do a double-take every time I think about the crazy weather we've seen since the beginning of October. That may not be a record for the number of snows this early, but what they've amounted to is.

Those five measurable snowfalls in Cedar Rapids have combined to drop 11.5 inches of snow, officially, in Cedar Rapids. According to KWWL, that's a half-inch more than the previous record of 11.0 inches of snow from the beginning of October through mid-November of 1925. Cedar Rapids isn't alone either.

Dubuque also has set a record for early-season snowfall. The Key City has received 14.1 inches of snow, or 4.9 inches more than their previous record of 9.2 inches. The year? 1925.

Iowa City and Waterloo are just short of their records. Iowa City has seen 7.0 inches of snow, exactly an inch less than their early-season record set in 1925 (8.0 inches). Waterloo has received 8.0 inches of snow, one-inch shy of their record of 9.0, set in 1921.

What do the next five weeks, and the winter that follows, have in store for us? I'm sure snow lovers are waiting with anxious anticipation.

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