Monday, May 10 marks nine months since the derecho that devastated a long, wide swath across Iowa. For people that live outside the Cedar Rapids metro, which seemed to be the storm's bullseye, it's hard to imagine the tree clean-up still continues. However, the city says the end is now in sight, and they've released a timeline that provides specific information on when the trucks may arrive in your part of Cedar Rapids.

What's Being Cleaned Up Now And When Will They Get To Me?

In a press release, the City of Cedar Rapids says final tree clean-up is ongoing in southwest Cedar Rapids, where they expect to complete work by the middle of May. The city will then begin work on the northwest part of Cedar Rapids in mid-May, the northeast side in early June, and the southeast part of the city in mid-June. Please note that the timeline is just an estimate.

Is There A Way To Find Out When They're Coming To My Area?

Yes, the city has an updated map that shows areas that have been completed, what's in progress, and what's next. That's available HERE.

Can I Haul It Somewhere Myself?

Yes, you can take tree debris to the Linn County Solid Waste Agency. Fees, hours, and other important information is available HERE.

What Will The City Do With The Right-Of-Way By My House?

If a tree was removed in your right-of-way, the stump will be ground and it will be re-seeded with grass seed. That work will begin later in the summer, with approximately 2,500 tree stumps being done this year. Work will begin on major roadways first. The city says it will be a "multi-year process" to get all the stumps in the city right-of-way removed.

If you'd like to remove a stump sooner, at your expense, information is available HERE.

Cleanup crews will only fill in large holes that are the result of an uprooted stump or rootball in the right-of-way. Minor property damage caused by the removal of debris will need to be repaired by the owner of the property. This includes replanting of grass.

Can I Plant A Tree In The Right-Of-Way?

Absolutely! The City of Cedar Rapids says they've removed about 12,000 trees from along streets and in parks, so replanting help is definitely appreciated. However, there are a number of requirements. Here are a few of them:

  • You need to fill out a permit HERE. The fee has been waived through the end of 2021.
  • You must call IOWA ONE-CALL at 1-800-292-8989 for the location of underground utilities before you do any digging or removing of stumps.
  • Trees must be a minimum of 1-inch in trunk diameter at 4.5 feet above grade. shows that is typically a 10 to 12-foot tall tree.
  • Trees native to Iowa and the Midwest are recommended.

The city's full right-of-way planting requirements are available HERE.

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