On Thursday, health officials confirmed a second case of measles in northeast Iowa. They say that the case is connected to the first reported case in the state. The Iowa Department of Health says that the situation is contained, but concerns are growing about possible outbreaks elsewhere.

The Cedar Rapids school district sent a message to parents and staff giving basic information on measles, answers to frequently asked questions, and also laid out a procedure IF the virus was discovered locally. The district said that the information was sent out to be proactive. The message stated that there was "no need for alarm, but as a district, we want to be prepared as possible to mitigate the spread of measles."

The district estimates that at least 100 of its nearly 16,000 students lack proper vaccination, through either a religious or medical exemption. The state of Iowa requires students to have two MMR vaccinations to attend school.


[via KCRG]

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