If one of your resolutions in 2020 is to find a new job, you just might be in luck. According to WalletHub, Iowa is a good place if you're in the market for new employment.

Getting a new job in the new year depends greatly on the region in which you live. WalletHub ranked the top 182 cities in the United States from the best to worst place to find a job. Factors that were considered included job opportunities, job growth, average salaries, commute times, housing costs, and more.

Iowa did very well, with Cedar Rapids ranking 17th out of 182 cities. Des Moines ranked 45th. Cedar Rapids' job market score ranked 30th, which isn't bad at all. But we scored much better in the socio-economic rankings at 9th in the nation! Cedar Rapids even came in #1 in the most affordable housing!

Among those that should see a boost in hiring are college graduates. The class of 2020 should be hired around 5.8% more than last year's college graduates. With unemployment rates still at historic lows, finding a good job could really depend on where you live!


[via WalletHub]

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