Are you an artist wanting to have your work showcased for all to admire? This is an opportunity you're not going to want to miss.

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Iowa News Now reports that the city of Cedar Rapids is in search of artists to make a new mural for an area nature trail. According to the report, the City wants two new murals to display along the Cedar Valley Nature Trail by this summer. One of the murals will be placed under the 12th Avenue Bridge and the other under the 8th Avenue Bridge, both on the southeast side of the trail.

City of Cedar Rapids
City of Cedar Rapids

Wondering how much this project pays? Well, there's a total of $14,000 in funding that will go toward the selected artists, $9,000 for the 12th Avenue Bridge mural and $5,000 for the 8th Avenue Bridge piece. The 8th Avenue mural is slightly smaller, and will be temporary as the bridge will be replaced as part of the Flood Control System in a few years, hence the smaller payout. Selected artists will get half of the money up front and the other half upon completion of the mural.

If this seems like something that's right up your alley, you can find out more details about the dimensions and specifics of each mural on the City's website HERE. Don't wait too long either, the deadline for submissions is May 7, 2021. The lucky artists will be chosen on  with artists picked on Thursday, May 13.

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