We know, we know. It's not the heat, it's the humidity. This week in eastern Iowa, it's both. And the above-normal temperatures and high dewpoints are forecast to run right through the upcoming weekend, which means the heatwave is right on time.

According to the National Weather Service, Cedar Rapids' highest average temperature of the year is 84 degrees. That's the average from July 2 all the way through July 21. We topped out at 90 degrees in Cedar Rapids on Sunday afternoon, just our second trip into the 90s this month. The first was July 2, with a high of 91. We're likely to see a lot more of them this week.


None of the above temperatures would be a record high. The record highs for every day in July are over 100 degrees. The coolest record high this week is 101 on July 18, 1930. That's Thursday, when we're expected to hit 97.

Let's hope we stay out of record territory. Drink plenty of liquids and please keep a close eye on your animals as well. Be safe.

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