Last week, I shared with you that Haley Myles of Cedar Rapids had made it to Hollywood for the second consecutive season on 'American Idol'. Making it just once is awesome, but twice? That's rare stuff, to say the least.

Earlier this afternoon, Myles shared an update. Unfortunately, she says, "I did get let go this round of Hollywood week. It was still such an amazing experience and I really will not let this stop me from doing what I love..." You can read her full message for her fans below.

[ORIGINAL STORY/March 27, 2023] Two seasons, two trips to Hollywood on 'American Idol.' What a Cedar Rapids woman has accomplished is nothing short of miraculous.

During the airing of the 2022 season of 'American Idol', viewers met Haley Slaton of Cedar Rapids. She was 5 1/2 months pregnant with her first child when she auditioned for judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry, and Lionel Richie. Haley ended that day with a golden ticket to Hollywood.

Auditioning for the show was life-changing for Haley, who met Jordan Myles. He too was auditioning and the two quickly fell in love. They got married, and on January 20, 2022, Haley Myles gave birth to little Jaelyn Myles.

Haley's trip to Hollywood last season ended on the duets round, but she vowed "I WILL BE BACK."

She meant it. Last night, Myles revealed that even though ABC didn't air her audition this time around, she did indeed get another golden ticket. Two seasons, two trips to Hollywood. Just how remarkable is that?

Screen Rant says that about 100,000 people audition for 'American Idol' each year. The number of people that actually make it past the initial round to get in front of the judges is very small. And then to secure a golden ticket two years in a row? That's just plain incredible.

During Haley's 2023 audition, her husband Jordan accompanied her on the piano. Not only was Jordan there for the audition, but so was little Jaelyn.

Hollywood Week on 'American Idol' begins this Sunday, April 2, on ABC-TV. Good luck, Haley, we'll be watching and cheering for you. Just like last season!

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