This has to be one of the most heinous displays of vandalism I've ever seen and it happened in Cedar Rapids last night.

According to his Facebook post, Casey Sheets says he got home Thursday night at 9:30 and everything was fine. However, he tells me when he went outside around 5:45 this morning, this is what he found.

Sheets, who lives near the CBS 2 studios off Collins Road and Old Marion Road on the northeast side of Cedar Rapids, initially said there were no suspects. However, a couple may have been identified. He tells me that two men were seen on Old Marion Road, walking towards F Avenue. According to the person who saw them, "both had pullover coats and kind of like a rain jacket." One of them was carrying a backpack and had shaggy greyish hair and a goatee. One had a baseball cap on. They were wearing boot cut blue jeans. One was believed to be in his mid 20's to early 30's and the other in their mid-40's.

If you saw anything or have any information about this destruction of property, please call Cedar Rapids Police at (319) 286-5491. If they've done it once, they could do it again. This is ridiculous, anywhere, and we're not going to stand for it in Cedar Rapids.

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