The duo "Young Creatives" is known for its music videos and videography all over the Midwest. Their short film "Wake Up" is making some major waves in the short film world. It has been entered in multiple film festivals, and has already seen a win with the "London International Film Festival."

WARNING: The video below portrays violence and has language NSFW.

The two owners of Young Creatives, Robert Miley Jr. and Juan Gomez are based out of Cedar Rapids, have worked hard to get where they are and are a great group to work with! You can learn more about their journey on their Facebook.

They make a wide range of content including short films, music videos, commercials, and also do photography. They have seen a lot of wild things while filming, and are always excited to work with new local talent. I myself have worked with them, and I can honestly say I had a great time.

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Both bring something different and great to the table when it comes to making their projects, and it really shows with the final product. They go on to talk about their journey and dedication here.

As fellow Midwesterners, we all look forward to seeing what other awards their short film and other works bring. You can see more of their work here:

*Please note: NSFW language

You can get into contact with the duo here.

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