The residents of Cedar Rapids have proven again that they care for, and watch out for one another. And they hate the idea of a good pizza, even one on a billboard, possibly going to waste. The case in point this weekend was a billboard that's been put up recently on Center Point Road NE, near Blairs Ferry Road.

The billboard (below) features a massive pepperoni pizza on the front and a smoke machine on the backside. The smoke wafting into the air is meant to signify a piping hot pizza. You have to admit that pizza looks pretty darn good. However, it was a little too realistic for many people who were driving by. Callers to 911 were telling the Joint Communications Center that the billboard was on fire.

In this case, where there's smoke there is NO fire. And in their tweet about the billboard, the Cedar Rapids Police Department also reminded everyone NOT to call 911 to order a pizza.

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