Four people were injured after a fire raced through the second floor of a three-story apartment building Wednesday. Fire crews in Cedar Rapids were called to the scene of the blaze at around 5:30 p.m at 1235 Blairs Ferry Road.

Officials say that flames were clearly visible from the second story when they arrived. Witnesses say they could see people hanging out of windows screaming for help. Four people were injured, with two requiring treatment at a local hospital. One resident had to be rescued with the use of a ladder truck. Bystanders also used blankets to help another resident jump to safety. All tenants of the building are displaced until the building is cleared by the Cedar Rapids Building Division.

Fire officials say there is extreme damage to the second floor with smoke damage to the third floor and water damage to the first floor. Blairs Ferry Road was closed to traffic between Center Pt. Road and Interstate 380 while crews battled the fire.


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