The Linn County Sheriff's Office issued a press release Wednesday, February 24 stating that a Linn County man has been arrested for animal neglect.

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The release states that the Linn County Sheriff's Office received a complaint that cattle were being neglected at 81 Linn Ridge Rd. in rural Lisbon. When deputies arrived at the property they found several deceased cattle. During further investigation from the sheriff's office and an Iowa Department of Agriculture veterinarian, it was determined "that the Angus breed beef cattle at this location were being neglected of sustenance, shelter, and care consistent with customary animal husbandry practices".

Law enforcement attempted to work with the cattle owner, 43-year-old Brian Greazel of Mt. Vernon, and local veterinarian to ensure the rest of the cattle were cared for properly. Greazel did not live at the property where the cattle were located. After another check in, more cattle were found deceased on the property. On February 15, The Linn County Sheriff's Office executed a search warrant and "rescued 18 head of cattle" from the property. The rescued cattle were transported to a safe location.

Greazel was taken into custody this afternoon and charged with Livestock Neglect Resulting in Death, a serious misdemeanor. There is no excuse for animal neglect. If you are struggling to provide for your animals there are numerous organizations that can help. It's just a quick Google search away. I'm glad the owner is being held accountable and that these cows are now at a place where they will receive proper care.

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