If you're like me and have eight Casey's pizza box tabs at home and gave up hope that you'd ever be able to use them, I have some good news. Casey's is extending the deadline to turn them in for a free pizza.

It was a little over two months ago that Casey's announced that the beginning of March was the deadline to turn in the small pieces of cardboard for your free pizza... Of course, you need 10 to qualify for the free pizza. However, according to KCCI, Casey's announced today they're extending that deadline to June 30, 2020. Rejoice!

In a press release, Casey's said:

Our loyal pizza lovers have been collecting heaps of box tops – more than we realized. To honor all those pizzas, our guests can now turn in the physical, cardboard Casey’s pizza box tops through June 30, 2020. We encourage our guests to redeem their free pizzas and sign up for Casey’s Rewards to start tracking them in the new program. Casey’s pizza lovers also can visit their local store and have the box tops loaded into their Rewards account.

You can convert your cardboard pizza box tabs HERE or just gather 'em up and head into a Casey's store for your free pizza, by June 30. Just make sure you have ten. That reminds me... I'm two short. Guess what we're having for dinner tonight.

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