Carrie Underwood took on a massive project with 'The Sound of Music Live!' which aired Thursday night (Dec. 5), and the songstress admits she couldn't be more proud of how the debut turned out.

The country superstar positively stunned with her spot-on vocals, shining especially brightly on 'The Lonely Goatherd,' 'My Favorite Things' and other famous tunes from the musical. Underwood should be proud of the humongous accomplishment the production was -- and she expressed some of her sentiments on Twitter.

"I just want to say before the craziness starts ... I am truly honored to be in #TheSoundofMusicLive," Underwood wrote before taking the stage. "This is an exciting/moving project...I have been surrounded by such an amazing cast and crew for the past 2 months and I will be sad when I'm not coming to set tomorrow ..."

She continued in her inspirational tweets, writing, "I hope, above all, that we are joyous in what we're doing and that I am giving it all that I've got. Thank you all for the love and support."

After the three-hour live production wrapped, Underwood hit social media again. "Glory to God tonight ... I couldn't be more proud. What a tough thing to pull off and we did it! I am so blessed!!!" she said.

Although there were harsh critiques of the singer's acting skills, it was difficult to find any weakness in her powerhouse vocals, which are her trademark. Underwood's fellow country stars rallied around the songstress, congratulating her -- including Miranda Lambert, who sent her a good luck gift. "Thank you @mirandalambert for the flowers! So so so sweet of you! You're the best!" exclaimed Underwood.

Just as she couldn't be more proud of her debut, country fans couldn't be more proud of Underwood's daring venture into the live musical. And dare we say that judging from the quality of musicality last night, the soundtrack will likely quickly become one of our "favorite things."

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